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Benefits of Online Counseling

  • Flexible Scheduling Options- Choose email, chat, Skype or a combination of any!

  • Convenient- Schedule and conduct a session from home!

  • No Commute- Online counseling is green! Reduce your carbon footprint!

  • Anonymity - While I know who you are and I verify your identity, text-based psychotherapy via chat or email provides a sense of anonymity that may allow for easier disclosure.

These are but a few of the obvious benefits of online counseling. With ease in scheduling and the ability to conduct sessions from home, people who might not ordinarily seek out counseling can now benefit. For people with disabilities including mobility issues, online counseling is a perfect solution. For people with busy schedules and long days, online counseling offers an alternative. People who live in rural communities will find online counseling a beneficial resource. Now technology can provide people with access and choice. 

*Please Note: Although online counseling may be an option, it is important to understand that extra measures need to be put in place to ensure your privacy and confidentiality in utilizing this treatment modality. Such measures include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Secure email such as Hushmail, etc.

2. Forms specific to online counseling

3. Prepayment of all sessions via PayPal - credit card

4. Contact me for additional details

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